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Monday Morning

It's Monday morning. Start of the work week.

Another work day. Weather today is supposed to be relatively warm (due to the humidity), The work continues on the current translation job I'm involved in, and to be honest, without going into any other detail on the matter, I'll be glad when this particular work is done.

However, today I've also got my appointment with the family doctor that will get to the bottom of the answers to all those blood and urine tests that I had done a couple of weeks ago. I'm a bit filled with trepidation about the whole thing, but since I didn't hear from the doctor over the last two weeks, nothing serious must be wrong with me.

There's other stuff I want to do this afternoon, if possible, including paying off my credit card and WIND Mobile phone bills for the month, and then a bit of grocery shopping as I'm planning to have roasted vegetables with supper tonight.

For now, back to the job at hand.
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