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Doctor's Appointment Thoughts

Finally made it home today.

The appointment with the doctor went pretty well today, much better than I expected it to, and I'm rather pleased at that. Not going to go into too much about it, but... My a1C has dropped a bit more, much to both the doctor's and my pleasure, and there are no problems with my kidneys due to the new medication that I'm taking. My triglycerides are a bit higher than they were, so the cholesterol tests were a bit suspicious (his words, not mine), so that's something I need to work on. Notably because the last tests had them somewhat lower than they are now.

That said, due to our conversation with me about the dizziness, vertigo, and occasional faints that I'm having still due to my body acclimatising to the insulin and the new drug, the doctor suggested strongly that I continue not to drive a car until the next appointment (which comes when I see the endo in mid-August). So that's a bit of a downer, but still completely understandable.

Overall, a good appointment with the doctor that leaves some room for improvement.

Right now, a cup of tea. :)
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