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On Sunday, the Sunday gaming group players continued to play in their Atlantis: The Second Age campaign, continuing on from where they left off. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Anan the Wanderer (SteveR) - Ophirite Adventurer
Alethea (Tammy) - Saturnian Mercenary
Orabela the Silent (NPC) - Balam Tharshi Thief
Dubaku of Ophir (NPC) - Ophirite Sorcerer

22nd Du'uzu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

Alethea goes in search of Metnu Jormelif, but learns from acolyte Hariya that he is out in the city on priestly duties, and is not expected to return until after sundown. Hariya takes her to see Priestess Stelara, who tells Alethea that Metnu told her much of the vision. Stelara tells her that the woman in the vision is dark-skinned, not Nubian but more tanned, with blonde hair. This suggests that she is possibly from Ku. She tells Alethea of the culture of Ku - the mines, pottery, amber in trade, that they live on the coast in villages - but the Saturnian mercenary is concerned about their druidic beliefs in the Sun and Moon. Stelara mentions there's a sorcerer, one Dubaku of Ophir, who is visiting the temple of Iemanja who knows much of Ku culture.

As Anan the Wanderer emerges from the ruins of Hodon's shoppe, he is forced to dodge as several folks throw rubble from the ruins at him. He tries to reason with them, but a large rock hits him hard, breaking his left forearm [and doing 4 damage]. He retreats back into the ruins of the shoppe [and loses 2 Renown]. Anan tries to find another way out, but several promising routes are blocked off with rubble. He goes back to what's left of the door, but finds the mob even larger now that his presence inside is known. He decides to be a man, face the crowd, and convinces them to help dig people and survivors out. One of the folks outside with medical training splints his arm. As he works despite the pain and the broken arm, those working around him come to respect him and his efforts [he gains 4 Renown]. After several hours of digging through the rubble, the body count is higher than the survivor count, about 3:1, but folks are grateful for his efforts.

Alethea learns that Dubaku is down at the Alehouse of the Wine Maiden [sign is a maiden jumping over a wine barrel]. She'll know him by his black skin, caftan (?), lots of jewelry, and two different coloured eyes. She leaves all but her leather cuirass (4 PR), dagger, and longsword at the temple, and heads for the tavern. She passes the Inn of the Four Gods (two reptile, one hawk-headed, and one human), and considers staying there the night. Alethea enters the tavern to find a wall of haze and a wall of heat. There's a momentary silence, and then a seedy looking fellow, Castor, comes up to her and asks what she's doing there. She says she's looking for a dark-skinned man, but Castor laughs and says the prostitutes' house is eight door further down. Another man, Petreus, tells Castor to leave her alone. Petreus tells Alethea he can smell the orichalcum on her, and offers her 300 petals per ounce for it. He raises the offer to 400, but she still resists. Petreus asks if it's pure or in shaped form, and he manages to glean that it's the latter. She thanks him and starts past him. As his cloak billows with the slight breeze raised by her movement, Alethea spots what appears to be a jade (!!) weapon at his waist. Looking around, she heads over for a table of dark-skinned folks, seven men and one woman sitting at it. All of them have weapons of various types, and two of them are wearing caftans.

Anan is offered a pitcher of water and cloth so he can sluice off the dirt from his working by an attractive girl, Panna, who makes an obvious pass at him that he rejects. Anan remembers a former priest of Ozain, one Tolvekh, who has an apothecary on the Street of Temples near the Bloody Druids Inn, and heads there. He passes close to a shrine devoted to Pasuna, the Goddess of the Rites and the Dead. He makes an offering (an ivory and gold filigree amulet of his love, Akua (WR -2)), telling the priest who asks that it is in payment for a debt for people who have suffered "because of my actions". The priest, Korveck, knits his broken arm using a priestly ability granted by Pasuna, but tells him that he now bears the "mark of Pasuna". He tells Anan that he'll know what the mark of Pasuna is and does when he needs it. [His DEX is still reduced by 1 due to the broken arm business.]

Alethea tells those at the table she is looking for Dubaku of Ophir. After some linguistic misunderstandings, Dubaku asks the "Little Warrior" (his nickname for her) what she wants. She says she wants information about Ku and its peoples. She tells him she'll pay by offering him a quest. She attempts to explain the quest she is going on, but Dubaku tells her it will be easier to take it straight from her mind. He convinces Alethea to let him do so, and once he does the Ophirite uses his sorcery. [Alethea sees his green eye turn milky white when he casts a spell.] Once he has done so, and learned of the quest, he tells her he will accompany her, and that Priestess Stelara was right - the woman is definitely from Ku. Dubaku suggests that Alethea find a guide for the wilderness, but before she accepts his company advises her that he is being hunted by one Caiphas of Khem, a diabolist. He also offers a warning about Nethermen invading Ku from the Black Forest, and says that Nephestys the Seer has seen Ku falls to the Black Forest forces.

Anan goes in search of an inn, and decides to stay at the Four Gods Inn for a night. He pays for the night's rest using the copper armband he has for payment. Deciding to go in search of food, he accepts a recommendation and finds himself at the Alehouse of the Wine Maiden. There is only one table with any vacancy, at which seven men and two women are seated, and from which the scent of Ophiran lamb wafts. It is Dubaku of Ophir, having convinced Alethea to join them for hot, spicy Ophiran stew for supper, who invites Anan (a fellow Ophirite) to join them. Introductions are made all around.

The Sunday game session of Atlantis: The Second Age was actually quite a good one, and from my perspective, a productive one. The current scenario reached its end, with Tammy's character putting the quest that she has taken on into motion, and while there was no combat, per sé, the game session had a few good things happen. spross got a few things straight about his game (though whether he reverts to previous behaviour and gaming style next week is another matter), but I was pretty happy with how the game session went.

I'm looking forward to continuing the Atlantis: The Second Age game campaign next week, and we'll see how things go in that one. The word "Dead" is in the tentative title for the next adventure, so that always has some promise. hehe


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