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Movie: Jurassic World Review (with Spoilers)

As noted in my blog yesterday, I went and saw the (relatively) new Jurassic World film on Father's Day. Here are a few thoughts about the movie, and for those who want to avoid them, several spoilers (so be warned).

First off, I want to say that I went and saw Jurassic World in 2-D, not 3-D, since I tend to get headaches when I watch films in the latter. Overall, I have to say that I enjoyed Jurassic World as a film for a popcorn kind of day, but I wouldn't say that it was a great film (as some seem to feel), and more importantly this movie didn't give me that sensa wonda that I got with the original Jurassic Park. The basic plot of the movie was straight forward, expanded on John Hammond's original plan for the park, but truthfully, the whole weaponising of dinosaurs plotline left me feeling...meh. Even though I know this was even part of the original plan way back for Jurassic Park 4.

The iconic theme of the movie was used for really less than wonderful moments, and that was something that I considered lacking here. I did love the homages to the original Jurassic Park, but was actually quite surprised at some of the homages (in at least six sequences) to the Primeval tv show. Great stuff. The acting in the movie was adequate to sub-par for what Jurassic World is, a monster flick, but there's more to the film than that. Which really is highlighted and underscored by the fact that it takes the King of the Dinosaurs to bring down the genetically engineered creature from the InGen (?) labs. That said, as an amateur palaeontologist, I was somewhat miffed and a bit rankled by some of the stuff in the movie, but that could be a whole post in and of itself here on my blog (and NO!, there won't be that entry written here!).

Several of the scene bits in the movie that grated on me were the following:

* The scene with Claire running with the flare after freeing the T. rex for its paddock. What kind of high heels has she got? Titanium?

* How exactly did a classic jeep that was 23 years old happen to have functional gasoline in it? And why weren't the tires completely collapsed?

* Where exactly did the folks in the labs get the mosquito blood sample and/or the genetic code for the mosasaur(s)?

* The pterosaurs shown in the movie couldn't have lifted a human adult into the air, let alone a baby triceratops. Fish, on the other hand...

And I'm sure that others (more knowledgeable than I) may have found others that I didn't catch or just glossed over somewhat.

Overall, Jurassic World is a decent popcorn action and monster movie, but the first third of the film dragged somewhat, in my opinion. The film picks up steam as it goes, points a bit of fun at itself, has a sense of humour amidst all the blood, violence, and chaos that ensues, but in the end gets its morals and lessons across quite effectively. And reiterates a bunch of themes that we already know from earlier movies in the Jurassic Park franchise.

My rating: 7 out of 10.
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