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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 12

Yesterday, the Sunday gaming group players continued their play in the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign, continuing on from where they left off. Here are the game session notes. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post may be somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Anan the Wanderer (SteveR) - Ophirite Adventurer
Alethea (Tammy) - Saturnian Mercenary
Dubaku of Ophir (NPC) - Ophirite Sorcerer
Orabela the Silent (NPC) - Balam Tharshi Thief

22nd Du'uzu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

Once the introductions are made at the table in the Alehouse of the Wine Maiden, Anan the Wanderer is questioned by Dubaku of Ophir, and Anan tells the sorcerer a little bit about himself. At first, he tells Dubaku and Alethea that he's looking for a ship to take him north, but after stating that he believes that he will not find a ship north from Cadaza, he says that he's looking for several travelling companions to go north with. Both the Saturnian mercenary and the Ophirite sorcerer sense that he's holding back, and being somewhat evasive.

Alethea asks Anan hypothetically how he would travel from Cadaza up to the nation of Ku. He gives her several possible scenarios for doing so via Galacea, Aragana, Broceliande, and dreaded Draconea. Dubaku points out that while the threats of Draconea are (relatively well) known, Broceliande is something of a mystery, as none who enter there are seen again, though he has heard rumours of Vril gates present there. When asked, Anan tells Alethea that he can serve them through his small skill with the sword, his orienteering ability, and the fact that he has served during a naval expedition on the Saharan Sea, should they choose to travel by sea. The group discusses the hypothetical merits of the various routes for travelling to Ku, but Anan still hasn't learned why Alethea and Dubaku are planning to go to Ku, other than it has something to do with a vision and the rescue of a mother and her child.

Alethea tries to learn more about Anan, and what he's doing in Cadaza, but the wanderer is somewhat evasive about matters, frustrating both Alethea and Dubaku. Eventually, Anan admits that what brought him to Cadaza was his flight from Tartessos after he was caught cheating at cards (though he places the original crime on one of the minions of Mehazi the Vengeful), and after Dubaku inquires if this Mehazi is the same one as the underworld lord of Tartessos, Alethea asks why he thought he could get away with it. Anan says that he thought he could because he dabbles in magic somewhat himself. Anan then tells the table at large what happened since he arrived and how he wants to travel with them on their quest due to his failure and his act of cowardice when Mehazi attacked Hodon's shoppe, and the whole sordid story comes out. Knowing the location in Cadaza that Anan is referring to, Alethea dashes out of the alehouse and heads for the area, as she's determined to help those who must be continuing to work on digging people out of the rubble. Dubaku, compassionate by nature, follows her out, hoping to assist. After thinking about it, Anan goes after the other two.

Once the player Heroes and Dubaku of Ophir return to the scene of Anan's cowardly act, Alethea and Dubaku are horrified to see the devastation, currently lit in the early evening by torches placed at various locations; more than five separate shoppes and several small homes have been devastated by the attack on Hodon's shoppe by Mehazi the Vengeful. Approaching a man who seems to be in charge of the clean-up and search work being done, Alethea, Dubaku, and Anan are given assigned areas to search by the man, Ferax. Reaching their assigned area, Dubaku's senses alert him that something is amiss. Guiding Alethea in the rough direction, she spots something is amiss with a joining seam between two of the buildings - part of the metal joints is flowing, or oozing, like liquid. Pointing it out to Dubaku, the Ophirite reacts with a startled cry of "Grasht!", and backs up several steps.

As the horrified Heroes watch and people nearby start to scream and run in panic, a lightning fast serpent, with black scales that is some 3 metres long and makes a noise like metal on metal as its scales slide together, strikes at Alethea. She is able to dodge out of the way, barely in time, and sees the whites of its fangs graze past her left arm. Dubaku tells the other two that it is native to Galacea and Draconea, and that it's venom is quite toxic. Alethea and Dubaku attack the creature, while Anan attempts to prevent the creature from getting too close to some of the nearby people who've not had the sense to flee the creature. The Saturnian mercenary and the Ophirite sorcerer are able to kill the creature, but not before it almost kills Anan with a terrible strike [he uses Zeal, Hero Points and Tempts Fate to avoid an agonising death]. Dubaku's spear is reduced first to a toothpick and then completely destroyed by the creature's acidic blood, while Alethea's trusty longsword is reduced to a dagger of its former self. The three Heroes are shocked when the body of the Grasht turns smoky, and then vanishes leaving nothing but an oily, goo-like substance behind.

As can be seen from the write-up above, this session of Atlantis: The Second Age was somewhat short in terms of events happening, more due to the fact that much was being discussed out of character as spross's character caused both the GM and Tammy fits of frustration and impatience. That said, some actual in-game stuff was accomplished, there was a little bit of roleplaying, and the small fight with the creature at the end of the session got the blood pumping once more. All I've got to say about the game session.

I'm not sure whether I'm running Atlantis: The Second Age next Sunday afternoon or not, and if I am, how many players I'm going to have for the game, but like I said in a couple of previous posts, we'll see. It's a busy week ahead.
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