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A Short Work Morning

I woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired.

I think I'm pretty much exhausted from the sheer gruelling health time that I've had of late, and the humidity in the Ottawa valley that we've had the last few days. While the temperature is down somewhat, it's still a bit uncomfortable.

Today being the 2nd of July, I would normally be back at work, but with so many people taking time off for vacations and the Canada Day stuff, the boss told us that we had the option of taking the day off. Since I'm taking the day off tomorrow as well (seeing as it'll be my birthday), I figured I would take the partially off. So I've come in to work at 8:00 am and will be leaving around 11:45 am or so.

When I get home today, assuming that he's decided to come out, one of the potential new players for the Sunday group is supposed to be over and he's going to create his character for the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign. Whether he'll be out to play on Sunday is another matter.

However for now, my stomach is unsettled again, so I'm going to have a cup of peppermint tea. Then back to the post-Canada Day business stuff.
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