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My Canada Day, 2015

Yesterday was Canada Day, for those who missed it.

To be honest, I didn't miss it so much as I decided that I was going to take the day relatively easy and relax at home. That, and catching up with a few things.

I started the day relatively uneventfully, and did a bit of cleaning in the house, vacuuming upstairs and the lower level hall. I'm currently re-reading The Martian by Andrew Weir in preparation for seeing the movie when it comes out, and have to decide whether I'm going to read some Neil Gaiman next or another mystery of some sort. I had a light lunch, as my abdomen and bowels were still bothering me somewhat.

I spent a bit of the early afternoon watching some PVR stuff, and then tuned in for the NHL Free Agency period, as TSN had decent coverage of that. July 1st is the start of the NHL Free Agency period, and it didn't have a lot of stuff happening, but there were some interesting moves made. I spent part of the late afternoon getting some of the material ready for last night's session of Atlantis: The Second Age with the Wednesday gamers, and was pretty satisfied with that. After making a simple supper for myself, I got down to gaming with the Wednesday night gamers, and had a good evening of gaming. (I'll blog up about the game session when I get a chance to transcribe my notes.) Overall though, a good gaming session.

Finally, after taking my insulin injection for the evening, I went to bed, read for about 20 minutes, and turned off the light.

All in all, a decent Canada day with nothing really exciting going on. A pretty enjoyable day when all is said and done.
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