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Friday Thoughts

I woke up this morning, my birthday, feeling all right, a bit more rested than I've been the last few days (well, week) certainly. Managed to get a good night's sleep, though I had a few strange dreams, nothing memorable, but nothing unusual for me (or at least I don't think so).

Today is Friday, and I'm sitting in the office at work. It's somewhat warmer today then it's been, but not hot in the extreme. I'm relatively comfortable at the office this morning. Usually July 3rd is a very warm day (some would say scorching!) but to be honest, the temperature this morning is actually comfortable, though it will warm up to the mid 20s.

Like I said, I'm working today, though with the office as deserted as it is today, I don't have to stay late, and will probably leave around noon or so. While I'll probably go out to a couple of meals over the next few days, possibly with my mom and/or friends (not together, people!) :), I don't have any real plans for my birthday and this weekend. (Other than to run a game this evening, and on Sunday afternoon.)
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