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Sunday Morning Thoughts, and Gaming

It's a bright and relatively sunny Sunday morning.

While it's relatively cool outside at the moment, the weather's going to heat up to around 27oC, and that's not including the humidity, so we'll see where the day goes.

Had a good day yesterday. As noted in the blog yesterday, I went out in the afternoon to see the latest Arnie flic, Terminator: Genisys, and somewhat enjoyed the movie for the popcorn film that it is (see the movie review (with Spoilers) that I posted up yesterday for more). After getting home from the movie, I relaxed for a little bit, and then went out to dinner at The Keg Steakhouse with friends for my birthday meal, and had a good time with good food and good company. Came home, had my insulin injection, and then spent a quiet 45 minutes or so reading before bed.

This afternoon, being Sunday, I'll be continuing the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign with the Sunday players, and should be having a new player joining the table today for the game. Looking forward to that. Today is actually blackforest (cake) gaming today, so that's also going to make the gaming day even better.

Meanwhile, stuff to do this morning. Better get to it. :)
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