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Of Sunday Gaming and Birthday Cake

As per the usual routine, I spent yesterday afternoon gaming with the Sunday group.

The players continued on with the Atlantis: The Second Age game campaign that they're playing, and started a brand new adventure. Yesterday was also an interesting game session because I had a new player join the gaming table. I'm hoping that he likes the game and the group enough to stick with the group, but we'll see. I thought the gaming session went well enough, but you readers will have to be the judge of that when I transcribe what notes I did take and post them up here.

That said, yesterday was also the day that my birthday cake got eaten. I didn't have a very large cake this year, just a 6-inch blackforest cake that made for 6 servings. One of those has been put away for my mother, and one has been put away for Kathy and Ellie to split (possibly this evening). It was a lovely and delicious cake, but I'm glad I only do this once per year. Because I don't eat a lot of sugar during the year, I find the cake to be super sweet. But that's a good thing, right? :)

Anyway, here's a couple of photos of the cake...

Overhead view of the cake

Side view of the cake

My slice of heaven (err...the cake)
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