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Work Shite

Well, that was a fun workday. Not!

At around 11:15 am, I got called to a meeting in the boss's office. When I arrived, there were several other upper management types in attendance. Remember the business that happened on Sunday that I mentioned in this post and this post? Well, here I am trying to do my damnest to get the translation project back under control, and then...

My boss tried to get me fired today. He tried to blame the fact that the project hadn't been backed up the end of last week, resulting in the loss of 75% of the translation job to this point, and the project being set back by about a month at a stupendous cost.

Fortunately for me, the powers-that-be weren't buying into his attempt, and the fact that I had several memos clearly addressing the situation in question from last week put me in the clear on the matter. The fact that I worked on the Thursday and Friday (July 2nd and 3rd) gives me a clear conscience about this as well, and the fact that my boss took the four days off before the weekend... well, that probably helped my case, too.

Suffice to say, I've been completely exonerated in the matter, my boss now has a bugbear up his ass about things (and his job may be on the line now), and well...let's just say that it could have been a better day.

Anyway, thank Goddess I'm off for the day, and can just relax and calm down here at home. :)
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