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CanGames 2016 Thoughts

While I should be focusing on GenCon Indy 2015, which is coming up in just under 3 weeks, my thoughts at the moment have turned to CanGames 2016.

The CanGames edition for 2016 is going to be the 40th Anniversary of the convention, and is scheduled to be a four-day gaming event. I've already given this some thought, and have pretty much decided what I'm going to run at the convention for 2016.

To start with, the theme of the convention is "Now and Then", and that has given me some ideas on what I want to run. I'm planning on running for game sessions at the convention, one session per day. I've decided that I'll be running three different games. I'm going to run two (2) sessions of the new Chill 3rd Edition RPG, both of which will be adventures set in the Ottawa valley. One will take place in the modern day, 2016, and the other will take place in Bytown in roughly 1840. I'm also going to go back to one of my favourite rpgs of the past, and run a scenario for the SkyRealms of Jorune RPG. I haven't decided whether it will be a brand new scenario for the game or one that I ran at CanGames some decades ago, but we'll see. Finally, I've decided that I want to run some good old-fashioned super-hero game, specifically the Legion of Super-Heroes using the DC Heroes RPG from Mayfair (and then Pulsar) Games. I've actually got a scenario or three in mind for this, running the complete cycle of adventures over the course of 4 or 5 years at consecutive CanGames.

Anyway, so that's the plan.

Comments, thoughts, suggestions, are welcome. :)
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