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Work Day Blues

Another hot day shaping up in Ottawa. When I came in to work, the temperature outside was already 240C (with a humidex of 310C), and is going up to 31 degrees again today.

And it's going to be an uncomfortable day here at work. The office's air conditioning system crapped out sometime around 6:30 am, and the tech boys from the company are going to be here around 9:00 am or so. Just had my cuppa herbal tea for the morning, but it's getting pretty hot in here and it's only 8:15 or so.

Oh, did I mention I hate hot weather? :( Especially when it's combined with humidity. :( Being diabetic, I already drink enough liquid during the day, but when it's hot as it's been in Ottawa so far this summer, my water consumption goes up considerably. Ah, well, at least I've got the water cooler here...
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