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Warm Saturday Morning

It's a scorching morning here in the Ottawa valley, and it's going to be even hotter today with an expected forecast for 30oC. And goddess only knows what the hunidex will be outside.

I've got to go out and buy some groceries for veggie stir fry tonight, and will also pick up a couple of plain croissant for breakfast treat tomorrow morning. In addition, spross will help me cart some books over to the Book Bazaar to sell off for a decent price (I hope). And we'll go in to the pharmacy so I can make arrangements on some of my medications for before I go to Indianapolis.

Last night, the Friday night players had a terrific time in their Atlantis: The Second Age. I'll be blogging about that later today, I hope, though I'll be running another session with them of Atlantis this evening due to popular demand and stuff.

For now, a bit of vacuuming downstairs before I get ready for other stuff today. After that, we'll see.
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