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A Hectic Afternoon

Well, that was a long day.

Another hot day here in the Ottawa valley, and to be perfectly honest, tempers at work were a, so I can't say I was sad to get out of the office and all.

While I just wanted to go home and collapse for the rest of the day, that was not in the playbook. I started off by going to Billings Bridge Plaza and the mall was nice and cool, for which I was grateful. I went into Armstrong & Richardson, and bought a pair of new shoes. I've been meaning to do so for a while now, as I needed a second pair of shoes for the trip down to Indy for GenCon that were comfortable, but also needed a pair of shoes to wear in the house. After trying on about twelve pairs of shoes (with the nerve damage and swelling in my left ankle and foot, finding a good pair width-wise wasn't easy!), I finally settled on a couple of pairs of shoes. one a lovely set of Josef Seibels and the others a pair of Skechers Relaxed Fits, both of which fit me like comfy foot gloves.

From there, it was down the mall-way to the Bentley luggage shoppe, and picked up a new suitcase and a carry-on piece of luggage, as my mother (Goddess bless her) has decided to take my set of Samsonite luggage for her own, as she's planning a trip down to the U.S. to see my sister. I picked up a Tracker medium suitcase and a smaller, carry-on bag from them as well, and got a good deal on both items.

My feet were aching pretty badly by this point, the left ankle pain being 12 on a scale of 1-10, by this point, but I still had one more stop to make - the bank. I needed to deposit my cheque from work, and to pay off both of my credit cards and a couple of other things that I needed to handle before the trip to Indianapolis. Once that was done, it was home.

I made a cup of tea, and had some cucumber sandwiches for my snack, and am now sitting with my feet up (though I've got them soaking in Epsom salts and warm water), and am getting ready to head out around 6:15 pm or so, as the Friday night gamers are going out with me to dinner tonight for Chinese food. Looking forward to that.

But feeling so very tired.
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