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Wednesday Morning

It's Wednesday morning. Halfway through the work week. For which I'm eternally grateful.

With a somewhat short staff at the moment, tempers continue to flare in the office environment, notably the boss who looks very discomfited about stuff. Add to the fact that two of my team members and several other folks from the office are off on summer vacations, and things are... hectic.

Supper last night was wonderful. My five Friday night players and I went out to eat Chinese food at Brother Wu, one of my favourite restaurants in the city. We had eight dishes between the group, with a good variety of foods and various edibles, and though prices on the dishes were up by about 25%, the food was excellent and hot, and there were some new dishes on the menu that definitely peaked our interest. Not going into detail about what was eaten, but I particularly enjoyed the Szechuan Mustard Green and Pork Soup, the Hunan Beef, and a couple of other dishes that we had.

Anyway, now it's back to work.
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