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Work Blues II

The air conditioning system here at the office is still off-line. They've been working on it since 9:00 am, and they think they'll have it fixed by about 1:00 pm. *sigh*

In the meantime, I'm down to my shirt sleeves, and have just taken off my tie. My boss gave me a look that said, "Hmm...", but he's already walking around tie-less, soaked in sweat (he's a big guy at 6'2" tall and weighing 290 lbs. or so), so I'm not all that bothered by this. Heck, most of the folks in the office are pretty much dressed the same way.

I've got another half-hour of work to do before I can head for home. I need to stop off and buy some milk for the house, and should probably pick up a few vegetables for a stir fry this evening.

The heat is just wearing me out today.
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