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The Day Before the Weekend

Friday morning.

The end of the week. And I have to say that I'll be glad when this work week is over. It's been a busy time at the office, due to the translation job mess, and trying to get the job caught back up again (though that's not going to happen at all), so I'll be glad to have the weekend arrive.

I've taken care of most of the stuff that I need to get done before GenCon Indy in terms of buying stuff, but there's a few things that I'll take care of next week, including a haircut, which I need, as my locks (such as they are) are getting quite long.

I'm looking forward to this evening, as I'll be gaming with the Friday night group tonight, and we'll be continuing the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign they've got going, the current adventure approaching its climax.

In the meantime, work awaits here. And a cup of hot chai tea.
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