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Thoughts of Saturday

It's Sunday morning, and that means almost the end of the weekend.

Had a very poor night's sleep last night, as I was awoken around 3:15 am with stabbing pains from the nerve spasms in my left foot, below the big toe area. Kept me awake most of the night on and off, and when I went bleary-eyed this morning to take my blood glucose reading at 7:20 am or so, the nerve spasms had not abated. And they still haven't as of this blog writing. Boo, hiss!

Yesterday afternoon was somewhat busy, as I went out to take care of a few thing with spross. Started off by paying off the WIND Mobile phone bill, and making sure that I've got the Roaming in the U.S. add-on for the month (since I'll need this during my trip to Indy for GenCon). spross made sure to add the package to his phone bill as well, and then it was time to move on. From there, it was over to Billings Bridge Plaza and back into Bentley's to look at some more luggage. While I bought a batch of Tracker stuff recently there, I've discovered that I find the luggage to be too heavy, and so am considering exchanging the three items for some Swiss Gear stuff (which is much lighter). That decision will happen early in the coming week. From there, it was over to the Book Bazaar to see if the owner had gone through and processed the books I wanted to sell. He had started, but hadn't finished, but judging from what he told me, I don't think I can expect all that much money for the books. Shame really, because I was hoping to have some more money to take with me to GenCon.

Once spross dropped me off at the house, I took some time to have a cup of tea and a cucumber sandwich, and then got down to work transcribing the Friday night game session of Atlantis: The Second Age from Friday night (you can read the game session notes here) before making myself some supper - a steak, salad, and some mashed potatoes. Took the rest of the night to just relax and take it easy, and sort out some of the t-shirts and underwear that I'll be wanting to take with me for the trip to GenCon.
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