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A Busy Week Ahead...Starting Today

Monday morning. Another day, another dollar.

The heat wave here in Ottawa continues this morning, though it's somewhat cooler than it's been the last little while, but the temperature will still be hitting 27oC or so with a much higher humidity reading. Ughh!

This week promises to be a nightmarishly busy week for me. There's work, of course, and the translation project fiasco that I'm still trying to get caught up to where it should be at the moment (not going to happen), but I've also got other stuff going on too. Four physiotherapy appointments, a footcare appointment (that should be fun given the pain the physiotherapy will inflict on my poor feet!), need to get a haircut, have the banking and money matters to take care of before GenCon Indy next week, starting to sort clothing for the convention, and I'll be running two gaming sessions this week, Wednesday and Friday. Like I said, a busy week.

In the meantime, back to the madness of Monday morning work...
Tags: atlantis rpg, convention, errands, footcare, gaming hut, gencon, office, ottawa, personal, physiotherapy, preparation, rpg hut, weather, work

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