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Early Morning at the Office

It's Tuesday morning. I have arrived in the office for the day's work.

I absolutely love the state of the office at this time of the morning. Most of the rest of my co-workers and others start arriving at 7:30 or so, the majority getting here around 8:15 or thereabouts, and so the office is very quiet around the time that I get in, the hum of the computers and the like just starting up, and the sound of the coffee maker and the aromatic scent of the coffee filtering through the office, as the break room door is open at this time.

There's a solid pile of paper waiting for me to go through on the desk this morning, so this is going to be a busy day, methinks.

With all the stuff that's been going on of late here at the office, re: the translation job mess, it's a kind of relief to have this quiet time at the office before the business of the day moves into high gear.

For now, time to get down to it.
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