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Mixed Bag Week So Far

The week so far has been, to say the least, strange and bad in some ways.

The weather here in Ottawa has been hotter than a witch's teats, and when the humidity factor is taken into account, it's been a serious scorcher. I've actually felt dehydrated for the most part, despite the amount of water that I've been drinking, but that's just part of living with diabetes.

On top of that, I've got problems with my bowels.

The last three days or so I've had terrible bowel problems. I've had cramps on and off, mostly on, in my lower abdomen, and lots of gurgling noises in my stomach and abdominal areas. Add to that the liquid diarrhea, and the fact that I've been going to the loo at least five to six times per day (for me, twice is normal), and while there's no blood or as far as I can tell... and well...not a happy camper. :) feel like I've caught some sort of stomach or intestinal flu, but am not really sure what to do.

I may have to go off the diabetes diet with vegetables and the like for a few days, and use what my mom calls the BRAT diet (Banana, Rice, Apple, Toast) for a day or two and see if it clears up. For now, just a pain in the stomach, and very inconvenient when there's no lavatory around.

Finally, I have to go for the photo of my new Health card today. I got the notice that I've been dreading on my birthday, that it's time to replace my old, red-and-white health card with the new photo ID green health card. I've been hoping to avoid this, as the new health cards have to be renewed every few years, whereas the old ones were good for life and all. I was going to have to do this at some point anyway, since the plastic coating on the old Health card has been peeling something terrible the past year or so, but had hoped to hold off on this until after the trip to Gen Con Indy. Not the case. So I have an appointment for the photo op and all at 1:30 this afternoon.

In the meantime, the work on the the Hollow Earth Expedition scenario, "Lake Qechacua", revisions are coming along. Just have to modify the beasties slightly, and redo one of the character backgrounds, and the module will be ready to go.

While there's been a few acts at the Ottawa Bluesfest that I have wanted to see this week, I haven't really made any plans to see stuff there. The heat outside has just been too oppressive for me to take, and I just can't handle the kinds of crowds there are there this year. Add the problems alluded to above behind the cut, and well, not this week methinks.

Watched the season finale of Hell's Kitchen on Tuesday night, and was really pleased that Christine beat out Petrozza for the bragging rights. Ramsay picked the right chef to head up the new restaurant in my opinion, but there were times I was rooting for the older guy in that. In the final analysis, Petrozza just didn't have what it takes to win it all. Still, an excellent episode, and solid season finale. Oddly, the new season of HK starts next week! Can't wait! :)

Anyway, off for a spot of lunch, and the appointment for the Health card ID.
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