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Friday Madness

Friday morning. The day before the weekend starts. The end of the week before GenCon 2015 week starts.

I'm still sick with the bout of bronchitis that I was diagnosed with earlier in the week, and it's still sapping my strength and mental faculties at the moment. The antibiotic the doctor prescribed is wreaking havoc with my bowels, and I'm just hoping that things improve on this front before next week.

It's an absolute madhouse here at the office this morning, as several new directives from the Powers That Be have come down and must be implemented before the end of work today. This, on top of the attempt to keep the current translation project from falling behind even more than it has due to the fiasco with the back-ups earlier in the month and all. That, and the boss being in a foul mood to wrap up the week (not that this has been different than the rest of this week). And then there's the regular Friday stuff that goes along with the end of week business, not to mention the fact that three members of my translation project team are off on a two-week vacce. It's a good thing I'll be away from this after Monday for the madness that is GenCon! LOL!

Speaking of GenCon 2015, I leave for the "Best Four Days of Gaming" in four days. There's still a good amount of stuff that I have to do to get ready for the trip to Indianapolis, I have a whole load of diabetic medications and insulin to buy before the trip (either today after work or tomorrow, Saturday) that are going to cost me a load of money, and then there's the sorting out what to take, what not to take, and the packing. Since I'll be running two sessions of the Primeval RPG down at the convention, I have to figure out what exactly to take to run the game (aside from the obvious adventure and player character sheets). So many decisions to make, and stuff to take care of!

While I won't be gaming this Sunday with the three players of the Sunday group, I'm waiting for this afternoon to find out if the Friday night players want to game this evening or not, so we'll see what happens with that.

Meantime, back to the work madness! And a cup of peppermint tea.


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