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Monday Morning Thoughts

Monday morning. But not just any Monday morning. Today marks the start of GenCon week.

That said, today is a Mundane Monday.

The weather here in Ottawa today is brutal, expected to be extremely hot in the low 30-32oC range with humidity making it feel like it's 39-40oC. Not to my taste and liking weather-wise at all.

Due to the stuff that's happened at work the past couple of months, I'm working at the office today, though I wish I were home recovering a bit more from the bout of bronchitis which is almost out of my system. ::knock on wood:: Since I knew I had to work today, I managed to do most of the packing for the trip to Indy yesterday. Still have about 15% of the packing to do for GenCon, so that's something else to take care of today. I need to go out after work and try and pick up a couple of things still to take with me down to the U.S., I need to sort out the last bits of the roleplaying game stuff that I'm taking with me (just to make sure I've not forgotten anything), and I'll need to actually pack the (cold) insulin for the trip tomorrow morning before we leave.

That's it for now from my office, downtown Casa Kahane.
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