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Back From GenCon

Finally back at the house after returning from GenCon Indy 2015.

Got in this evening after plane delays and a couple of other hassles around 8:30 pm, and then went with spross, his parents, and my mom out for a late dinner at an Asian fusion place.

I had a pretty good convention, and I took a few photos here and there (some of which I've posted over the week on Twitter) as did spross. Folks can expect to see my GenCon reports as the week goes on.

I'm not feeling all that bad, other than some stuff going on with the diabetes resulting from the insulin therapy, and hope I've not come down with con crud. ::knock on wood:: Meanwhile, I'm off to have a hot cuppa, take my insulin shot, and then to bed and get some much, much needed and much earned sleep. Night, all.
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