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At the Office Today *yawn*

Goddess help me, I am back at work this morning.

While I wasn't supposed to be able to have today off, due to various stuff at work and my boss (and his boss's) concerns about the translation job we're currently working on, I got home last night to several messages on my home answering machine and one on my mobile phone for work this morning asking me to please, please, please come in to work, as the translation job I'm working on is in deep trouble at the moment. Again.

So I hauled my ass out of bed this morning, and arrived at work close to 8:00 am (normally I'd be at work at 7, but...). I'm trying to settle back in to work this morning here at the office, but I've got a terrible headache and some ear aching, and my head is still at GenCon 2015. And I'm feeling that fatigue that you only get from flying these days, as well as the physical abuse the diabetes has inflicted on me the last few days. To put it bluntly, the translation job I'm working on, which was a fiasco after what happened (see other blog entries for more on that) is even more messed up. And that's all I'm going to say on the matter right now. While I managed about 6-1/2 to 7 hours sleep last night, I want, I *need*, more sleep. It's the weariness of GenCon that's persisting, I suppose, and my body wants more rest.

Here at work this morning, my co-workers (especially Donna) have been asking me about some of the stuff that went on at this year's version of GenCon, and some of them have expressed an interest in reading the blog entries when they start to go up. Always good, 'cause at least I know someone's reading the blog! :)

For now, back to the crisis at hand.
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