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Running Unofficial Games at Gen Con

Since Gen Con Indy is almost upon us, I thought I would post this.

For those who are interested, I am going to run an unofficial game of Hollow Earth Expedition, as well as Desolation, primarily for folks on both the Exile Games and Greymalkin Designs forums, as well as any of my LJ friends who might be going to the con and would be interested in playing. 4+ players works best for each. Obviously during the evening. Time and place...well, these are negotiable, as I've not been to the current incarnation of Gen Con; heck, I've not been to a Gen Con in 30+ years. :)

So, if anyone has has advice to give me on where to run this stuff and what times might be best, any comments in this regard would be welcome. Oh, and if you want to play in one of the games, please let know. :)
Tags: desolation, hollow earth expedition, rpg, unofficial games

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