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Saturday Morning Thoughts

Good morning, everyone.

It's a Saturday morning here in Ottawa, and the sun is shining and the temperature is pretty good for an August day, though it's supposed to warm up some this afternoon. I went for my constitutional walk after breakfast, and feel a bit more energised for the moment, but that'll wear off as the morning goes on and the temperature heats up.

I had a good evening gaming with the Friday night group, Ellie continuing on with her running of the Cadillacs and Dinosaurs rpg scenario that she started before I set out for GenCon Indy. (I'll be blogging about that this afternoon, I hope.) I'm supposed to be running the Sunday group through their usual game session tomorrow afternoon, but we'll see how that shapes up. Speaking of GenCon, I'll be posting up the review and some photos of the second day of the stay in Indianapolis later this morning, so for those looking forward to that, keep an eye out. :)

On the health front, I've still got either con crud or allergies, or seared throat/lungs from acid reflux or a combination of all three. Still functioning, but at a reduced pace.

The weekend will consist of me resting up, trying to catch up on some sleep, and reading stuff (both books from my To-Read Queue (TRQ) and the gaming stuff I bought down GenCon way), and trying to catch up on more sleep and renew my batteries for the busy work week ahead. Hoping the sleep and the rest help me recover a bit from the illness/whatever I've got sooner, so ::crossing fingers:: on this one.
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