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A Sunday Morning Thought or Three

It's a Sunday morning, and the weather outside for the moment is quite lovely, though the humidity has started to kick in.

I slept pretty well last night, though I didn't fall asleep until after midnight. Since I woke up around 7:25 am, that means I got a good 7 hours of sleep last night, and added to the nap I took during the afternoon, not bad. No wonder I feel somewhat more "human" today. :)

After having my morning shower and then breakfasting, I did a load of laundry and then went out for a bit of a walk in the relatively cool, humid-less air, and then came back, did a second load of laundry, and have just come in from a second walk. A bit warmer, and a lot more humid, so I'm a bit tired from the second walk. Think I need to hydrate a bit after this blog entry.

Seeing as it's Sunday, the afternoon gaming group (including Dan, I hope!) will be out to play. I'm not sure what we'll be playing and whether I'll be running a game this afternoon, but to be honest, I've not cracked open an rpg book since I got home from GenCon. And on the subject of GenCon 2015, the third blog report on the convention should go up some time this evening, perhaps.

Just want to relax a bit today, before the stress of the work week starts up again tomorrow.
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