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Sunday Afternoon Board Gaming

Yesterday afternoon, the Sunday gaming group met up for it's weekly game session.

Normally, I would have continued running the current rpg that the group is playing, Atlantis: The Second Age, but even Tammy could tell that my head wasn't in roleplaying at the moment (due to the fatigue of the week that still lingers, and the fact that I'm a bit ill with bronchitis/allergies/con crud/whatever), so it was decided that we'd play a board game for the afternoon.

I wanted something light and fun, where I didn't have to think a lot, so we all settled down to play Tales of the Arabian Nights from Z-Man Games. Tammy and spross were content to play the game, and Dan (who hadn't board gamed with us yet) thought it looked interesting, so he was okay with it as well.

I won't go into great detail about the game play (since I honestly don't remember that much about it, due to my fuzzy head), but it was a good time, and I got to relax, take it easy, and not think that much. I took the character for the game of Al Baba, and chose my three starting Skill chits to suit Ali Baba's character. Rather than going for Victory conditions based on Story and Destiny, I decided to play the Quest Game (as did the other three players). Early on, I got Sex-Changed (meaning I couldn't win the game regardless, unless I could get changed back), and during the course of play I ended up Imprisoned for a while and gained some four (4) new Skills as well.

We stopped play around 5:00 pm or so, and Tammy was declared the winner by virtue of the fact that she had completed 2/3 of her first Quest. Dan had a great time with the game, and he was sorry that we stopped and wouldn't be continuing the game the next week.

Overall, a fun and relaxing afternoon of board gaming with one of my favourite games. Just what I needed for the day. :)
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