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Of Work and Health on a Friday Morning

It's Friday morning. The end of the work week, and later today the start of the weekend. Yay! :)

It has been a rough week for me, between the left ankle problems, the bronchitis/con crud that I've got from GenCon, and the situation at work and all. I'm glad that the weekend is almost here, and I'll be able to sit back and take it easy and try to get some much needed rest. Just have to get through the work day today.

Yes, I went to the family doctor yesterday and learned that I have either con crud and/or bronchitis (again), and that it's quite bad on the right side of my chest. The doctor prescribed some biaxin antibiotic for me, but I wanted to talk to the diabetic nurse and the endo before starting to take them. So I spoke to the diabetic nurse and the endo specialist this morning, and the doctor passed on the word that he didn't want me taking the biaxin antibiotic, since he doesn't want me coming off the Crestor even for a week. He told me to get the family doctor to give me another prescription for a(nother) round of Zithromax instead, so I waited for 9:00 am to come around and made that call about ten minutes ago. Will learn later this morning, I hope, that the doctor phoned the prescription in to the pharmacy.

Meanwhile, back to work.
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