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Life of JohnK

Saturday morning. Warm outside already, muggy, and quite uncomfortable.

Such is life. :)

I had a good evening gaming with the Friday night group, continuing on with the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG campaign, and will blog about that when I get the chance later today or this evening.

In the meantime, remember I went to the doctor on Thursday about the con crud/bronchitis business? (Here's the blog entry about the matter, and some of the aftermath.) Well, yesterday, the problems with having a family doctor and a separate diabetic specialist came to the fore. The family doctor told me he wasn't going to write me another prescription for the Zithromax, and that it's only seven days without the Crestor, so I am to take the Biaxin.

In the meantime, time for some breakfast. (And starting the Biaxin prescription.)
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