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My Sunday

Sunday was a relatively quiet day.

oni_neko was away for the weekend, so the plan was that spross and Tammy would play a prologue game of the Desolation post-apocalyptic fantasy rpg, in which we see how their two characters meet. As it turns out, that wasn't how it worked out. When Tammy arrived, spross and I were talking about the Hollow Earth Expedition scenario that he's supposed to have written and will be running at Gen Con Indy this year. Needless to say, given his habit of procrastination, the scenario isn't ready.

spross and I decided to go to Gen Con back in February of this year. So, effectively he's had six months to write the scenario, but he tends to procrastinate things...and thus, not only is the scenario not yet written, nor are the player characters or the NPCs/creatures done up, but the scenario itself has yet to be playtested in any form at all. So yesterday, Tammy and I spent the afternoon with spross getting the GM background and the timeline for the scenario set up properly. It was a pretty good afternoon of creating and brainstorming and all, but I can't fathom how he's going to playtest this in time and all. I guess we'll find out next Sunday, perhaps. :)

Took it relatively easy last night. You know it's the middle of summer when the new season of Big Brother starts on television, and last night saw the start of Big Brother 10. It had an interesting mix of characters and personalities, although I can't say much for the interior decoration of the House this year...just not to my taste at all. This edition of the series features the oldest person to participate in the game, a 70+-year-old by the name of Jerry. Should be an interesting game this time around.
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