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Hot Weather, Last Night's Supper, and RPG Stuff

Another day in the Ottawa valley, and another day with extremely high temperatures forecast and a heat warning being issued by Environment Canada.

Spent most of yesterday late afternoon and evening relaxing, and had some interesting choices to make in terms of what to do for supper last night. I settled on some broiled chicken, home-made fettucine alfredo, and a salad. Good meal.

I then watched a few episodes of stuff that I've PVRed, and then settled in with a good book for the rest of the evening before bed. I have a ton of rpg stuff to read from the purchases at GenCon, but decided that I wanted to read some non-roleplaying stuff.

On the subject of roleplaying games, I'll be running the Sunday group through their paces this afternoon in the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign, even though Dan will be missing his second session in a row (last Sunday, as you'll remember, was board games). I'm looking forward to the gaming, but both of my other gamers wonder how much longer the "new" player will be coming out for.

In addition, I meant to get the blog entry on the Friday night session of Atlantis: The Second Age up yesterday, but time constraints and a couple of other factors conspired against me. I'll try to get that blog entry up this morning, but time will be tight.

For now, I need a cup of hot peppermint tea.
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