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Monday Morning Thoughts

Another hot day coming up in the Ottawa valley for this Monday, and there's a heat advisory about the day again. The weather isn't supposed to let up until the mid- to late week, so that promises to be a bummer. (No, I am not a scorching hot with humidity fan.)

Today being a Monday, it's the start of the work week. This week promises to be busy, though I will be leaving early on Wednesday as I have my five-month Diabetes Clinic appointment with the endocrinologist. The translation project is coming along, but it's well behind schedule and there's really no way to bring it in on time, but the boss and his superiors have reconciled themselves to this. So the workplace environment has been relatively peaceful the last little while.

On the health front, I woke up this morning exhausted from the rounds of bathroom trips I had to make last night, and it has not eased up too much this morning (though thankfully, calmed down since I got to work). This is, of course, the Biaxin antibiotic upsetting my stomach and bowels as I knew it was going to do, so I just have to get through this for the next few more days.

And today is the day that I start to read through the Chill 3rd Edition rpg in serious preparation to writing the two scenarios that I intend to run at CanGames 2016 in May. I'll be continuing on with the Atlantis: The Second Age campaigns for another adventure or so with each gaming group, but after that we'll be switching it out for some Chill 3rd Edition. Looking forward to that. :)
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