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GenCon 2015, The Loot!

Finally, here's the last post/report on this year's GenCon. As promised, here are some thoughts with lots of photos of the stuff that I bought down at GenCon Indy (what is affectionately called "the loot"). There are lots of photos in this one. :) To read the report on my final thoughts of GenCon 2015, check out this journal entry.

As mentioned in previous posts about the matter, I went down to GenCon hoping to find certain products in the Exhibit Hall. Here's the photo that I've already posted to the blog of the over-view of what I bought down in Indy. This photo doesn't include one of the rpgs as well as the dice and dice bags and the t-shirts that I purchased.

The overhaul of the GenCon loot, minus certain items

First off, I went down to GenCon Indy with the intent of picking up a copy of the boxed set of the Chill 3rd Edition RPG. I actually have a copy of this coming to me through my Kickstarter pledge, but figured an extra copy of the boxed set wouldn't hurt. Here's some pics of that, and the stuff contained therein.

The Chill RPG Boxed Set, top

The Chill RPG Boxed Set, back, and the contents (minus packing peanuts)

This is the boxed set of Chill 3rd Edition that I bought down in Indy, and had shipped up to Ottawa via FedEx. The interior of the box had packing peanuts in it, and they're the only thing that allowed the box to survive the trip north intact.

The Chill RPG Boxed Set, and the contents of the muslin bag

The dice and light/dark tokens for the Chill RPG

I also went down to Indy with the intent of picking up several other games. I wanted to pick up some of the Atlantis: The Second Age game products/supplements, but unfortunately, Khepera Press wasn't at the convention this year for some reason (though I have my suspicions), so that was a "no buy". I was also intending to pick up copies of Keltia, Revelations of Mars, and Of Dreams and Magic (ODAM), if I saw them. I did, and was able to pick those up as well. In addition, I couldn't resist buying the Kings of the Sea supplement for the Yggdrasill RPG as well.

Keltia RPG and Kings of the Sea supplement for Yggdrasill

Revelations of Mars for HEX, and Of Dreams and Magic (ODAM) RPG

Some of the other stuff I picked up were not so much impulse buys as stuff that I've been looking to buy for some time, but they were all available at GenCon in one place, the Exhibit Hall, so why not? I picked up Lynne Hardy's Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks game from Modiphius Entertainment (since I needed a copy of this for my goddaughter and an extra copy for me); A Tragedy in Five Acts by Michelle Lyons-McFarland from the Growling Door Games folks at the IGDN booth (just because the game appealed to me); "The Haunted Hamlet of Raven's Hill" from the folks at Legendary Games (because I was looking for something to use for a "Chill scenario, and I thought this might fit the bill); and Golden Sky Stories from Starline Publishing (at the IPR booth, if I remember correctly; the game just appealed to me when I first heard of it, and so impulse (!!) buy). :)

Cogs, Cakes & Swordsticks; The Haunted Hamlet of Raven's Hill; A Tragedy in Five Acts; and Golden Sky Stories

I picked up two of the Ashen Stars RPG supplements written Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan at the Pelgrane Press booth, "Dead Rock Seven" and "Accretion Disk", as I just wanted to have them. I also made one real impulse buy, in this case the Psionics RPG from the folks at End Transmission Games, as the game appealed to me on Saturday night when I saw it being run, and it reminded me of The Tomorrow People series, which I always thought I could run.

Dead Rock Seven and Accretion Disk supplements for Ashen Stars RPG

Psionics RPG from End Transmission Games

I also purchased three dice bags - a new one for me, one for Tammy, and one for Kathy, as "presents", and also bought 36 dinosaur dice (some of which I gave away at the Primeval games I ran as prezzies to the players (and they were all quite pleased at this), and three tubes of small, plastic poker chips.

3 dice bags, the leftovers of 36 dinosaur dice, and 3 tubes of plastic poker chips

And finally, I purchased... t-shirts. Nine of them, to be precise, as to be honest, some of the t-shirts I have at home are getting a bit old and ratty and need to be thrown out or donated or some such. I was quite pleased with the ones I did pick up, and you can see them all down below. I should note that the TORG: Eternity t-shirt is one that I was really happy to get, but that's another story.

Overall, I was pretty pleased with my purchases at GenCon Indy though there were a few things that I forgot to purchase that I had wanted. But no use crying over spilt milk, as they say. My real regret here was that the folks from Khepera Publishing weren't at the convention, so I couldn't buy some of the Atlantis: The Second Age stuff that I had wanted. I picked up a couple of impulse buys as well, but that's normal at GenCon. In retrospect, there are a couple of things I picked up in the Exhibit Hall that I regret doing so, but they seemed right to grab at the time. I did ship some of the initial purchases home via FedEx, at what I feel was exorbitant prices, but if I'd waited another day, I could easy have shipped more stuff (though I'm glad I didn't, given what the charges for the stuff that I did ship home cost).

And that's it. The last post about GenCon 2015.

Time to get down to some of the reading of all this loot that I got down there. :)

As always, thoughts and comments are welcome.
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