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Sniffly Wednesday Morning

Wednesday morning. Hump Day, for those in the working world like me, as they call it.

I didn't sleep well last night, as the thunderstorm activity kept me awake for part of it, and I've just got too much on my mind and am having a rough time of it with the pain in my left ankle and the nerve spasms in the foot itself. Yes, I've still got them, and they've not abated.

The Ottawa weather has been hot and humid for the last while, and there's no sign of that changing today, though I've got the ductless air conditioner at the house (best investment I made at the time!) so that's keeping things at home comfortable. I woke up this morning with allergies bothering me something fierce, and that situation has not been relieved since I got to work, though I did take my allergy meds with breakfast.

After work, I'll be heading over to the Riverside Hospital for my appointment at the Diabetes Clinic. This is my usual 5-month check-up, and I'm hoping that the blood test results show some improvement, though based on my daily glucose levels, I think there will be.

In addition, I think I'll be gaming with the Wednesday gaming group this evening, as we continue on with the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign for the nonce. I think I'll be gaming tonight, as I have to talk to Donna and her fellow gamers about it, and see if there's any change of plans.

For now, back to the grind. *Atchoo!*
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