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Friday Morning Thoughts

It's Friday morning. The end of the work week is nigh, and I'm glad for this. Work is busy this morning, as it usually is on Fridays, but that's good as it's keeping my mind off other things.

The weather has cooled off somewhat here in Ottawa, thanks to major thunderstorms that came through the area yesterday, but the temperatures are climbing again though the humidity is relatively comfortable. This might allow me to get out and do some walking again during the weekend, as my body and lungs just couldn't take the humidity. That said, the pollen counts are high today, so my allergies are bothering me something fierce.

Seeing as how it's Friday, the Friday night gamers will be meeting this evening to continue playing games. We're going to be starting a brand new Atlantis: The Second Age RPG adventure tonight, so I'm looking forward to that.

Nothing much else to say at the moment.
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