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Thursday Morning Musings

Had a relatively quiet day of it yesterday evening, as I didn't have any gaming plans with the Wednesday group.

Relaxed for most of the evening, and started in on my re-read of the Chill 3rd Edition roleplaying game last night.

Woke up this morning feeling somewhat tired, and a bit chilly (no pun intended), as the temperature had dropped down to 13oC last night, but warmed up quite nicely in the shower this morning. It's supposed to go up to around 20 degrees or so, so that will be comfortable.

Work is somewhat slow for the morning, but I'm not complaining given how busy and hectic things have been at the office this week so far. So I'm sitting here with a cup of chai tea and am Chill-in out. :)
Tags: chill rpg, office, ottawa, personal, reading hut, rpg, rpg hut, weather, work

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