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Saturday Morning Thoughts

It's Saturday morning, the last Saturday in August.

I woke up pretty late this morning, around 20 past 8, and had a good night's sleep. I was feeling refreshed and somewhat invigorated, and went out for a 20-minute walk after breakfast, then came back in and showered. William, one of my next door neighbours, came by and asked if I wanted to go grocery shopping with him at Loblaw's and Farm Boy, and I said I did, so we went out and I managed to buy milk, foodstuffs (including veggies for salads and other meals), and a treat for tomorrow's breakfast (croissants!).

Once I got back from grocery shopping (and paid William a bit of money for his time and all), I sat back, relaxed, and downloaded the morning's e-mail. Nothing much of interest, though I did find out that the new fellow playing with the Sunday gaming group will not be showing up any more, citing several reasons (but notably the long travel time he's got from Ottawa's west end), so spross and Tammy are back down to two players. (Anyone interested in joining in and gaming on Sunday afternoons? Drop me a line here, or e-mail me.)

On the subject of gaming, last night's session with the Friday night players was highly enjoyable, and everyone had a pretty good time. The players created their characters for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign that I'll be starting sometime this month, and found the game system to be simple and easy to work with. I'll be blogging about Friday night's character creation session later today, so stay tuned for that (for those interested, of course).

For now, back to some cleaning the bedroom and doing a bit of laundry on this Saturday morning. Life, and all that.
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