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Sunday Morning, and Some Chilly Thoughts

It's Sunday morning, and I feel...meh.

I woke up this morning with a terrible headache, though I managed to get in some 7 hours of sleep last night. When I took my blood sugar reading this morning, it was somewhat elevated (around 7.9, 142.2 on the U.S. scale), so that accounted for my feeling a bit lousy, but the pain in my left ankle and leg was actually pretty reduced this a.m. - at least until I got out of bed. *sigh*

After taking care of the morning ablutions, I treated myself to a croissants and café au lait breakfast, and then went out for my 20-minute constitutional. Came home feeling somewhat physically tired, but the ankle and foot were hurting much more. I soaked my left foot and ankle in some hot water with epsom salts, and took a bit of a sitz bath.

After that, I did the breakfast dishes and vacuumed a bit in the upstairs hallway, before settling in to do some work on the Chill 3rd Edition RPG scenario that I'm drafting to get a feel for the system and all. I went over some of the basics of character generation for the game system again, as I'll be creating the player characters with Tammy and spross this afternoon for the game (unfortunately, Dan has decided to drop out of the gaming group, as mentioned in a blog post yesterday), so am hoping the process with the two of them is relatively painless and not too time consuming.
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