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A Busy Thursday Morning

Thursday morning. Another hot, humid day in store for the Ottawa valley (though not as bad as it's been, but that's coming back for the weekend).

Once more it's a busy morning here at work. The translation project that I'm working on continues to suffer little setbacks here and there, but the periods when the work is coming along really well are very busy. Such is to be expected, I guess. I'll be leaving work somewhat early today, as I have my regularly scheduled Footcare appointment at 1:30 pm this afternoon. Also need to figure out what I want to do about lunch, so will likely eat at Harvey's.

Gaming last night with the Wednesday night gamers was lots of fun, and I had a pretty good time of it. The four players (yes, Crystal has decided to play with the group for some time) created their player characters for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG, and created a neat group of characters. I'll be blogging about that this afternoon, once I get home (so those interested in that keep an eye out).

For now, a cup of tea, and then back to the work thing. :)
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