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Wednesday Night Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Character Creation

As mentioned yesterday, the Wednesday night gamers met up and created their player characters for the Chill 3rd Edition RPG. I was quite pleased and excited to take them through this process.

Once the players all showed up for the evening, a little bit after 7:00 pm, we did some catching up on each others' lives for 5 minutes or so, and then got down to business. As mentioned in a couple of other posts, Crystal (Ellie's godmother) has decided to play with the Wednesday group for now, so she was out and eager to see what this horror game had to offer (as she admitted to me that psychological horror is one of her favourite literary genres). I started off going through the basics of the world of Chill 3rd Edition, answered questions from all the players about various aspects of the game, and then got into the players' likes and dislikes about the horror genre, and things they wanted to see and didn't want to see in the game. As mentioned elsewhere, character generation in Chill 3rd Edition is really quite simple, once you get past the basics of the game, but only none of the Wednesday night players had any experience with the game (other than when Donna, DavidW, and Kendall created their test characters.

The evening was, to put it mildly, interesting, with the players having a good time going about character creation. The player characters for the game, called Envoys, are an interesting mix, to be sure.

Donna - Donna knew exactly what she wanted, and created Jane Kraczmir, a Polish immigrant's daughter and journalist, who has a neat secret as a result of her having faced a creature of the Unknown, and is a practitioner of the Art.

DavidW - David's a simple fellow, and the appeal of playing a normal person involved in this "weird shite" (his words) was strong. He created Matthew Wilkins, a simple farmer recruited by SAVE after he encountered a creature of the Unknown and helped a SAVE team destroy it.

Kendall - Kendall's education days aren't all that far behind her per sé, and so decided to go with something shet still knows best. Wendy Davis is a student from Carleton University recruited by SAVE after dealing with a horror in the university tunnels.

Crystal - Completely new to the game system, Crystal wanted something that she could sink her teeth into (so to speak), and decided to play...a fortune teller! Alanna Blackwater is a Romany fortune teller who encountered a vampire that she helped SAVE defeat. She's not got a secret so much as she has something that could either help or hurt the SAVE envoys later on down the road.

Overall, I was pretty pleased at the mix of player characters and what the Wednesday night players created for their group of SAVE envoys, and I think that there's an eclectic mix in the group. Both Kendall and Crystal were really pleased with their efforts, and DavidW is looking forward to playing his "humble farmer", so I'm looking forward to playing with the Wednesday group when they start their Chill 3rd Edition game campaign in the next couple of weeks.
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