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Sunday Afternoon Game Report - Chill 3rd Edition Session 1

As noted elsewhere in my LJ blog, I started to run the Chill 3rd Edition RPG campaign this past weekend (September 6th) with the Sunday gaming group. You can se the LJ post about the character created for this game in this journal entry. Here are the game session notes. This blog entry is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Peter Granger (SteveR) - Artist (Painter)
Aislinn Drohan (Tammy) - Auction House Providencer
Brian Hartigan (GM/NPC) - Courier Deliveryman

March 11th, 2014 (Tuesday)

The place: The city of Ottawa in the province of Ontario. The time: Early March, somewhat cold. The modern world is one that has all sorts of myths, folklore, and legends, not to mention tales told of strange, and horrible creatures. As the player envoys are about to find out, these stories, myths, and legends are all true...and then some...

Aislin Drohan, a providence specialist at Walkers Fine Art & Estate Auctions, starts a bright, somewhat cool spring day at her job, sitting at her desk. Connie, her secretary and assistant, comes into the office and tells her that the boss wants to see her, *now*. Aislinn thinks this doesn't bode well, and heads down to President and CEO David Walker's office. Jennifer, his secretary, tells her that he's waiting for her, and she should knock and go right on in. Aislinn does so. After some bbasic pleasantries, David tells her that she's doing well at her job, and while she's a bit below on her quota of sales, she's made some good deals and her commissions are very nice. He tells Aislinn that he wants her to handle the Fowlkes estate sale. Fowlkes was a private man, and the family was worth over $300K. He tells her to make herself familiar with the case over the next week or so, and then she's to arrange a meeting with the intestate lawyer. He summarily dismisses her, but calls her back to tell her that if she has any concerns over the matter, she should talk to Charles Merrick, his business partner.

Peter Granger, a landscape painter, is heading for the Woodward Studio in the Glebe after picking up breakfast at the Second Cup in the area. He says good morning to the security guard, Tim. Tim tells him that several students are already hard at work on various projects, and there's a visiting professor as well. He enters the studio and is met by the usual sights and smells, and sees a dark-haired woman. He's annoyed to see that she's painting in his nook on one of his canvases and using his materiels. He talks to her but is hesitant, and she turns back to the painting that she's working on. She tells him her name is Claudette Ouimette, and that she's from the National Art Gallery. She's not there to see him, as his work is deemed merely adequate; instead, she's there to see Jean. He asks why she's painting at his nook, and she tells him that surely he knows that artistic desire never stops. She asks him what he thinks of the painting, a stylistic bowl of fruit, and he comments that she merely painted it from memory. Claudette is insulted, and summoning Jean she leaves in a huff, though she leaves him $30 to pay for the canvas and paintings, taking the aspiring artist and her painting with her.

Brian Hartigan, a courier for CanPar in the Ottawa area, is going about his business for the day. He informs his dispatcher, Jack Walsh, that he's finished another run and is going to take his morning break. Jack okays that, and Brian heads for the nearest Tim Horton's. While sitting there, he receives a call from his girlfriend, Jessica Finch. She asks if he's free for dinner that night, as her folks have asked them to come over to discuss something. Brian tells her that he's okay with that. They chat for a bit longer, and then he tells her that he has to get back to work. He heads back for his CanPar delivery truck.

Come lunch time, Aislinn is sitting in the cafeteria at the Walker offices when she receives a call on her mobile phone, using the SAVE ringtone. She finds a place where they can talk without being heard. It's her contact, Halle Whadjat. She tells Aislinn that there's a possible case that they need to have looked into. In the Ottawa Sun on Monday, there was a report about a hiker supposedly killed by a bear in Algonquin Park. The Ranger at the park sent a cast and photos of the bite marks on the victim to a zoologist, who contacted the Montreal SAVE office. They decided the case was of interest, and have passed it off to the Ottawa chapter. Halle sends the photo of the bite to Aislinn's phone. It appears to be that of a human limb with relatively large bite mark(s) on it. Aislinn can't make head or tails of the bite marks, but she's told that Halle can put her in touch with the zoologist whom the original material was sent to. Halle will make the arrangements for the zoologist in question to contact Aislinn as soon as possible. Halle informs Aislinn that she's being moved to active duty with a cell, and is being assigned to a new cell with an established envoy named Brian Hartigan and a rookie named Peter Granger. Aislinn is surprised, but pleased, though somewhat nervous. Halle tells her she's expected to call Peter Granger and arrange for a meet, while Halle will contact Brian Hartigan, and then she gives Aislinn Peter's contact information. Aislinn calls Peter and sets up the meeting at the Second Cup off Merivale Rd. for 6:30 pm; she tells him to remember to bring his ID. Meanwhile, Halle calls Brian and tells him of the meeting. He tells her that he'll be there; he's been off for some two weeks, and it'll be good getting back into SAVE matters. Brian then calls Aislinn, and confirms that he'll see her at the appointed place around 7:00 pm. Brian calls Jessica back, and tells her that he's not going to be able to make dinner with her folks that night; something's come up with a friend, and he needs to deal with that. Jessica is somewhat miffed, but tells him they'll talk again tomorrow. She hangs up.

That evening, Aislinn shows up at the Second Cup, to find the place not all that busy although two winos that she knows, Barry and a nameless one, are sitting outside. She gives Barry some change for a cup of coffee (or two), and then heads inside. She greets the barista, orders her usual, and finds a table near the back where they'll be able to talk in confidence. Peter Granger arrives promptly at 6:30 pm, driving a blue Golf Cabriolet. He looks around, but sees no one he knows. Scanning around, Aislinn sees Peter [wearing his Indalo on a pendant around his neck] and beckons him over. [She's wearing her Indalo filigree silver bracelet on her right wrist.] They introduce themselves, and some ten minutes later, Brian enters the restaurant and joins them. [He's wearing an Indalo stamped on a silver ring on his left hand.]

After all three exchange pleasantries and introductions are made, they talk about the matter at hand. Aislinn shows the other two the photo on the phone, and both Brian and Peter conclude that the bite mark was too small to be that of a bear. Aislinn and Brian learn that Peter has something of a weak stomach, as he's pretty repulsed by the photo's imagery [though he makes his Resolve check]. Checking out the article from the Ottawa Sun, they learn that the hiker was separated from his group, and was attacked. Two Rangers found him, and oddly he was stripped of his shoes. The lurid photo in the newspaper is the clue - the size of the bite mark, on the forearm, and it's too small to have been a bear. When she goes back over the business about the missing shoes, Aislinn remembers that cluricaunes (leprechauns?) steal shoes, and that there is a cult in Ottawa's west end that has an interest in them.

Their discussion is interrupted by a phone call, and when Aislinn answers it, it is the zoologist, Dr. Ferguson. Ferguson tells the that the bite marks are not from a bear, as they're too small. He concludes that the marks might be from a monkey or perhaps a lemur, maybe even an African baboon. They debate whether there's a circus in town, or perhaps an escaped pet or laboratory animal. He tells the player characters there was saliva near the fang marks, but also tells the envoys that there was but a single bite, but with evidence of dragging action. Something else for the player characters to ponder over.

This was the first proper game session of Chill 3rd Edition that I've run, and I thought Sunday's game session went pretty well, and I accomplished what I set out to do in the game session. The player saw something of the lives of their characters (called Envoys in the game), they met up, and started to work on their first case with SAVE. In addition, a couple of hooks for future adventures were also introduced (though not acted upon). Both spross and Tammy seemed to have a good time of it playing the session, and things went relatively well, though SteveR had problems playing the type of character (artist) that he created, as per usual. While there wasn't a lot of dice rolling, and nothing untoward happened in terms of light/dark token play, I thought things went really well.

Suffice it to say, the game's off to a good start. And I'm rather looking forward to running the next session of Chill 3rd Edition on the coming Sunday.
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