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Stock Tip Spam

I got home from work last night and went to get my e-mail, and...

What the heck is it with this barrage of Stock Tips I find waiting for me in e-mail??

I have a pretty good set of spam filters on Thunderbird (my e-mailer of choice) and I've set the filters on my internet provider at a pretty high level...and I *still* get the Spam mail, including these damn stock tips! What makes it worse is that I haven't signed up for any damn stock tips, and they're coming into my e-mail box anyway..and they're to addresses that I'll bet don't even exist. Who the hell is Clark? I don't even know any Clarks!!

I've had over 40 of these stock tip suckers over the last 2 about a waste of bandwidth. :( They don't seem to have anything in common, and some of them are in jpg format, so the words "stock" andb "tips" don't even appear! This influx of junk mail is driving me somewhat crazy. After taking a quick look at a couple of them, I've come to a conclusion about this stuff... Isn't this what certain people have gone to jail for?

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