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Friday Night Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 23

On Friday night (September 11th), the Friday night gaming group continued their campaign and played another session of the Atlantis: The Second Age sword & sorcery game. Here are the notes from that session. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Sahauviia the Green (Kathy) - Atlantean Sorceress
Koomara Hadansi (Angela) - Galacean Scavenger
Orgaskemisqak (DavidM) - Lemurian Craftsman
Melucene Palleremos (Ellie) - Hesperian Priestess-in-Training
Vaino the One-Eyed (Mark) - Cimmerian Adventurer

7th Ululu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

The battle between the player Heroes, the Iceford defenders and their opponents (the bandits, the ice trolls, and the blue-robed magician) has its ups and downs for all concerned. Vaino the One-Eyed makes the most of his Cimmerian martial skills and hews down opponents left and right without taking any real injuries. Orgaskemisqak the Metalworker's warhammer makes him a path towards the nearest ice troll with ease, but the Lemurian takes a couple of injuries [for a total of 5 Hit Points]. Koomara Hadansi and Melucene Palleremos wisely keep close to Sahauviia the Green, as she attempts to attack the blue-robed sorcerer, the two exchanging spells while Koomara and Melucene guard her back against the bandits. Koolten Darash and the Iceford defenders find themselves overwhelmed by their opponents, the ice trolls wreaking havoc among them - until the arrival of Vaino and Orga. While the two are able to injure one of the ice trolls, while avoiding serious harm themselves, the blue-robed sorcerer sees his bandit minions falling around him, and he and the ice trolls retreat, leaving the bandits to the mercies of the player Heroes and the Iceford defenders.

Licking their wounds, the player Heroes, Koolten Darash, and the surviving Iceford defenders return to the town, and are met with aid and assistance from various Iceford people, including the mayor, Jagred Felishan. The serious injuries are sent to the Andaman healer, Karasam, while one of the townspeople goes to seek out Abelia the apothecary and her apprentice to treat many of the other cases. Back at the Frozen Seal Inn, Melucene treats the other Heroes' injuries, while Orga treats her cuts and abrasions. Sahauviia tells the others that she cannot take on the blue-robed sorcerer, that his abilities far exceeded her own, but Orga assures her that when the time is right, she will take on "blue robe" and defeat him/her/it. The rest of the day is spent by the Heroes helping the Iceford folk reinforce their defenses, and organising the perimter guard.

That evening, the player Heroes are joined by several of their new allies-cum-friends at the Frozen Seal, and learn of what's been happening in Iceford. A sorcerer, calling themselves Isfrandis, seemingly of Atlantean descent, arrived at the village with a pair of ice trolls, and tried to blackmail the town by using magic and the heinous acts of the ice trolls into giving him a cut of Iceford's income. Mayor Jagred Felishan wouldn't cut a deal with them, and the violence against Iceford and its inhabitants rose dramatically. After a while, the attacks on Iceford itself dropped off, Mayor Felishan explaining that he'd made a "deal" with the sorcerer, but raids on caravans and merchant imports and exports in the area of the town have continued. The most recent attack on Iceford is partially blamed on the player Heroes' presence, but Melucene successfully convinces the riled up townsfolk that it is not their fault - and that they intend to do something about it! With her lofty words in their ears, the inn quietens down for the night. Orga and Koomara demand to know why Melucene thought she could speak for them, and the Hesperian priestess-in-training soothes their mood as well, and tells them she has a plan...sort of.

Morning dawns, and after their morning matters are dealt with (including some teasing of Vaino and Koomara for their "sleeping habits") and breakfast is had, the player Heroes (led by Melucene) go in search of the mayor of Iceford. At first, Mayor Felishan denies their claims, but eventually reluctantly admits that he *did* make a deal with the dark arts practitioner. Sahauviia determines the Mayor cannot tell them what it was as he is under some sort of geas, and the Heroes fear the worst. The mayor does tell the Heroes that Isfrandis and his bandits and trolls live in a small, secluded valley to the north of Iceford. Orga, Vaino, and the other Heroes look at each other sharply, and Orga says that perhaps it is time for the Heroes to confront the dark arts magician directly in his lair...

Friday night was another enjoyable game session of the Atlantis: The Second Age campaign, and the players seem to have had a good time of it as well. While the write-up on this session seems a bit brief perhaps, Friday night's game was full of roleplaying various situations out, and the combat sequence at the beginning was big and epic and took more time than I (or the players) expected it to. When all was said and done, the players had a really good time, and are looking forward to next week's (Goddess willing!) session. In many ways, the biggest surprise of the night was Ellie's play as Melucene Palleremos, the Hesperian priestess-in-training. Ellie took the lead in certain situations, and surprised the other players when she promised the Iceford locals that the Heroes intended to solve their problems for them! Much to everyone else's pleasant surprise, and a bit of consternation.

So, a terrific game session of Atlantis: The Second Age on Friday night, and I'm looking forward to continuing the adventure next week.
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