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Gloomy, Wet Sunday Morning

It's a dismal, gloomy, somewhat cool, Sunday morning here in the Ottawa valley. Not to mention pouring down with rain.

The water for the condo complex, including my home, was restored (as I mentioned in this post) around 10:00 pm last night. If it hadn't been, I'd have plenty of water today: just take a large bucket or two and put it outside. Filled with rain water in no time!

I didn't get to take it as easy last night as I would have liked, as I needed to get some stuff done for today's game session of Chill 3rd Edition, and also managed to transcribe up the game notes for Friday night's session of Atlantis: The Second Age (the blog entry on that will go on-line some time later this morning, before I game, so look for that if you're interested in the Atlantis campaign notes).

For now, some tidying up of stuff down in the den and the bedroom.
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