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Friday Night Gaming, and Some RPG Thoughts

Got home from work after a busy day, and spent the afternoon taking things easy and just relaxing somewhat. The weekend promises to be relatively restful, though I do need to get a bit more work done on the writing of the two Chill 3rd Edition scenarios for CanGames 2016, "The Beast of Bytown" and "The Beast of Ottawa" (I really need a new name for that second scenario, so if anyone has an idea, drop me a line here in Comments). I've also been re-reading the SkyRealms of Jorune rpg as well, in preparation for CanGames, and because I've got a hankering to run the game again.

In the meantime, this evening I'll be running the Friday night game session of Atlantis: The Second Age, and I'm quite looking forward to that, and have the Sunday afternoon game of Chill 3rd Edition which I'm also looking forward to (admittedly with a bit more trepidation).

So looking forward to this weekend's gaming.
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