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Friday Night Game Report - Atlantis: The Second Age RPG Session 24

Last night, the Friday night gaming group continued their campaign and played another session of the Atlantis: The Second Age sword & sorcery game. Here are the notes from that session. You can read about the previous game session in this journal entry. This post is somewhat long, so I've put it behind a cut so that folks who don't want to read any detailed rpg posts don't have to.


Sahauviia the Green (Kathy) - Atlantean Sorceress
Koomara Hadansi (Angela) - Galacean Scavenger
Orgaskemisqak (DavidM) - Lemurian Craftsman
Melucene Palleremos (Ellie) - Hesperian Priestess-in-Training
Vaino the One-Eyed (Mark) - Cimmerian Adventurer

8th Ululu, Year 506 Meta Kataklysmos (M.K.)

The player Heroes quickly make their preparations, and as the morning sun rises further into the sky head out of Iceford towards the north, following the river. Koomara Hadansi comments that what they're doing is sheer folly, but Vaino the One-Eyed says that they're doing what they always do - fighting the great evil, and putting things to rights. The rest of the Heroes look accusingly at Melucene Palleremos - it's exactly like something she'd say! - but she merely gives them all a bright smile. As the Heroes continue to travel, they discuss the merits of planning and forethought versus impulsive action, but conclude that the latter seems to work well for them. Most of the time.

The player Heroes follow the river until they reach a small copse of woods, where they stop momentarily to get their bearings. They are attacked by a small group of ice wolves, but are able to beat them off easily. The others notice that Vaino literally leaps to Koomara's defense, and tease the Cimmerian about his affections mercilessly, much to the Galacean's embarrassment. Sahauviia the Green points out that there is what appears to be a narrow point ahead, and several boats can be glimpsed on the other side. It is obviously a crossing point for some of the bandits that dwell here, and using a rope and Orgaskemisqak's prodigious strength, the Heroes bring two of the boat across to their side, and use them to cross the river.

Koomara tells the others that she will scout ahead a touch, and the rest of the Heroes debate what to do about the boats while she's gone. They decide to destroy the boats so as to prevent the bandits from using them in future, and while Sahauviia is intent on using her magic to do so, cooler heads prevail, and Orga and Vaino make short work of the boats with the warhammer and battle axe, respectively. Meanwhile, Koomara uses all her wits and skills to scout around, spotting several patrols of the blue robed magician's bandits/guards and sees the lay of the land. She finds the base of operations of the blue magician, a fort set against a hill, and heads back. Koomara returns, unscathed, and tells the Heroes that she has found the blue magician's lair; it appears to be a fortified fort located against a large hill, covered with hoarfrost. She did spot a tunnel or cave that perhaps enters the fort from the west side.

Led by Koomara, the player Heroes make their way to the west side of the fort, avoiding several bandit guards as they do so. Vaino notices that there is what appears to be a trail of ice, resembling slime, and Sahauviia warns about ice worms, horrific creatures that prey on animals, and men when they can get them. Heralded by an icy spray that traps Melucene's left hand against the cavern wall in a shroud of ice, the horrific ice worm attacks the Heroes. Using spells of heat, Sahauviia is able to destroy the ice worm, the creature proving impervious to the weapons of the others, much to Vaino's annoyance. Sahauviia frees Melucene, who then tends to the most severe injuries suffered by Orga and Vaino [each of whom took 8 points of damage].

The player Heroes send Koomara to scout and see if the fight attracted the attention of any of the fort's guards, but she comes back and reports that it did not - or perhaps they know better than to go anywhere near the ice worms. After a quick rest to eat something and for Melucene to heal some wounds, the Heroes light some torches and go deeper into what proves to be a tunnel. Making their way down the tunnel, Koomara spots what might be an entrance or doorway of some sort, with some sort of statue of a warrior off to the right side. The player Heroes advance cautiously in that direction, but as they get closer, the eyes of the statue open and icy cold breath comes from its mouth...

Last night's (Friday) session of the Atlantis: The Second Age game campaign went pretty well, and the session was a good mix of combat, roleplaying, and a few surprises here and there. And even had a bit of humour in it as well. The session write-up may seem somewhat short, but the two combat sequences took a bit longer than I would have liked, but the players did a great job when combatting the creature in the tunnel/cave, especially considering several of them were a bit short on Hero Points. The relationship between Angela and Mark's characters are proving a source of amusement to all concerned, and I'm enjoying watching things between the two of them develop...or devolve, not sure which yet. :)

Overall, a good session of the Atlantis: The Second Age RPG campaign, and I'm looking forward to running this again next week.
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