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Monday Morning Blahs

It's a Monday morning, and so another work day.

Life sucks, both on a personal and professional level, at the moment.

I woke up this morning feeling down and somewhat depressed, in part because of how the gaming session (see below) went yesterday, but also due to the fact that I feel like I'm spinning my wheels on all sorts of stuff and fronts at the moment. Ever since I stopped taking the Metformin/Glumetza, I've had increased blood glucose levels and some other physical effects, and while I've started back on the drug again, it'll take some time for it to start having an effect. I'm also having some other issues at the moment about my social/love life, and to be honest, there's been stress building about a couple of other issues. Add to this some of the pain I'm experiencing in my left foot and ankle, the terribly bashed up big toe on the right (driving) foot from a stupid collision with a carpet (!!), and well...just feeling "not good about life" at the moment.

Gaming yesterday was both interesting and depressing. The Sunday players continued on with their Chill 3rd Edition game campaign. While the play of the afternoon was alright for the most part, I think spross has reached a crossroads in his gaming life, and has some decisions to make. There's health stuff going on in his life that isn't good right now, but I get the feeling there's something else going on with him that he's not willing to talk to Tammy or me about, but he's constantly unemotional, downright sullen, frustrated, and uninvolved gaming-wise, and this all came to a bit of a head after discussing matters once the session of play was done. Whether he'll be playing in future I don't know, but I'm not sure that I can keep the game going with just one player (Tammy). That said, I will be blogging the game session notes on yesterday's Chill 3rd Edition game some time later today.

And then to add to the misery, work started this morning with a meeting where I was informed that the department will be "enjoying" some cutbacks, and it starts with four members of the translation team being let go. Guess who gets to hand out the pink slips? Yep, moi. Happy, NOT!

And to make my day complete, I have an appointment with the (family) doctor this afternoon. Crap.
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